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Child Care Providers

Welcome to the Child Care Providers section of our website. Families depend on child care providers to maintain a safe and healthy environment where their children can grow and thrive. Licensed child care facilities under the Child Care and Early Years Act are required to meet and maintain certain criteria and provincial standards. This helps to ensure the safety and well-being of children.

Renfrew County and District Health Unit is responsible for monitoring licensed day care facilities to protect children, staff, families and all of Renfrew County and District. We hope this section has useful information for licensed and unlicensed child care providers as well as their families.

Children who attend licensed child care facilities are required through the Child Care and Early Years Act, 2014 to have up to date immunizations as recommended by the local Medical Officer of Health (Regulation 137/15).

In Renfrew County and District, every child attending licensed child care must be immunized based on their age as recommended in the routine immunization schedule for Ontario. Immunizations are available at our immunization clinics and from family physicians.

Responsibilities of Child Care Facilities

Each child care facility is responsible for ensuring that immunizations for each infant/child enrolled in the facility are up-to-date. This includes keeping immunization records on file and forwarding copies to the Health Unit. If a parent/guardian choses to complete an exemption form, the Health Unit requires the original and the child care facility should keep a photocopy.

Please refer to the Timeline and Instruction document / Calendrier et instructions for direction on how child care facility operators are to report the immunization status of all enrolled children.

Please refer to the following documents for reporting immunizations:



Employee/Volunteer/Student Immunizations

According to the Child Care and Early Years Act (CCEYA), “Every licensee of a child care facility shall ensure that each person employed, has a health assessment and record of immunization as recommended by the local Medical Officer of Health”.

The Medical Officer of Health for Renfrew County requires all child care employees, students and volunteers have up-to-date immunizations. Please refer to Immunization Recommendations for Employees of Child Care Facilities / Vaccinations pour les employés travaillant dans des établissements de garde d’enfants for a complete list of required and recommended immunizations. Child care facility operators are responsible for ensuring that each employee/volunteer/student has a complete immunization record on file.

An employee who objects to immunization due to medical or non-medical reasons must complete a standardized approved exemption form from the Ministry of Education and provide it to the child care operator.

Exemption Requirements

All exemptions should be submitted on the forms provided by the Ministry of Education.

For further information or questions, call the Immunization Intake line at 613-732-9436 or 1-877-773-0004 or email

Child Care Centres are encouraged to develop and follow their own illness policy and procedures for exclusion.

Reportable Diseases

Licensed child care centres are legally required under the Health Protection and Promotion Act to report any child with a known or suspected disease of public health significance to Public Health.The Ontario Health Protection and Promotion Act lists over 70 communicable diseases that must be reported to local health units. Directors of many institutions including licensed child care facilities are responsible for reporting suspected cases of reportable diseases to the local Health Unit. All reports are followed up by a Public Health Nurse or Public Health Inspector.

The Communicable Disease Guidelines for School and Child Care Facilities is intended to provide you with general information about communicable diseases commonly experienced by children, and to help you identify and prevent the spread of illness. Within this guide, you will find a description of common childhood diseases including information on how they are spread; incubation periods; periods of communicability; prevention; and facility reporting requirements. There is also information on general infection control practices that any facility can implement to prevent the spread of disease.

Communicable Disease Guidelines for Schools and Child Care Facilities, 2019

How to report communicable diseases

  1. See the list of RCDHU Reportable Diseases.
  2. For diseases which need to be reported immediately, call 613-732-3629 ext. 5 during office hours, and 613-735-9926 during evenings, weekends and holidays.
  3. For all reportable diseases, complete the Communicable Disease Reporting Form for Day Cares & Schools and fax to 613-735-3067 by the next business day.

Renfrew County and District Health Unit follows the Infectious Diseases Guidelines brought forth by the Ministry of Health in Long-Term Care. A suspected outbreak is defined as 2 or more people with the same symptoms, same room, and same day. The first step toward management of an outbreak is consultation with public health nurses or health inspectors for recommendations and guidelines at 613-732-3629. Child Care Providers have an important role in early identification of illnesses with children and staff. Parents must be encouraged to report their child’s illness and symptoms to help recognize an outbreak as early as possible. It is mandatory family members and/ or visitors are aware of an outbreak if it should occur. Ensure signs are posted at entrances and fact sheets are available for communication purposes.

Renfrew County and District Health Unit will work with you to ensure prevention, early detection and management of infectious diseases.

Control Measures

There are many ways child care centres can help identify and take action to limit the spread of illness, infection or infestation. Accurate policies and procedures promote an effective approach to infection prevention and control. Public Health requires your child care centre to have policies and procedures in place for your facility such as hand hygiene, glove use and diapering and toileting.

Cleaning and Disinfecting

It is important to keep surfaces and toys within the child care centre clean to stop the spread of illness. Cleaning is the physical removal of dirt and germs from a surface by wiping or scrubbing, while disinfection kills germs using a chemical solution.

Tips to Remember:

  • Not all products are equal: some are cleaners, some are disinfectants, and some can be used for both. Review the label and ingredients to figure out what your product can be used for. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for product use (e.g., how long it must stay wet on a surface, mixing, and safety instructions)
  • High-touch surfaces include doorknobs, toys and horizontal surfaces, such as table tops, are where bacteria and microorganisms are prone to settling. These surfaces require frequent cleaning and disinfection.

PHO Chlorine Dilution Calculator Tool

Helpful Resources

Resources en françcais

The following resources are available to support the health and well-being of staff, children and families who utilize child care services. These resources look at best practices to help prevent the spread of illness, infection and infestation. They will be maintained in an evergreen format only.



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