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Community partnerships are important to the work of Renfrew County and District Health Unit. We can be more effective at making changes in our community that support good health when we work with others. Heath Unit staff have leadership or supportive roles in several local partnerships.

Renfrew County and District Active Aging Network
The Renfrew County and District Active Aging Network coordinates the planning and delivery of physical activity and fall prevention programs and services for older adults.

Renfrew County Police Committee
The Renfrew County Police Committee is a partnership between the Health Unit and local police forces. We address community health and safety issues.

Renfrew County Youth NetworkThe Renfrew County Youth Network is a collaborative of youth, community members, agencies, and organizations with the vision to support all young people 12-25 years to become healthy and resilient. The collaborative envisions the creation of a Renfrew County Youth Strategy using a comprehensive youth engagement approach to enhance youth resiliency.

Through the strategy, the Network will continue to deliver an annual Amplify! youth summit to connect and motivate young people to make positive change in their community. Read about the 2016/17 Amplify Action Projects.

Renfrew County Breastfeeds!
Renfrew County Breastfeeds works to improve the success rates of mothers who wish to breastfeed. It provide practical education and support, and addresses myths and inconsistent information that complicate breastfeeding.

Child Poverty Action Network (CPAN)
CPAN is involved with activities related to eliminating child poverty and decreasing the effects of poverty on local children. These activities fall under three categories; practical assistance, advocacy, and education.

The Healthy Kids Community Challenge (HKCC)
The County of Renfrew is receiving funding, training and social marketing tools over three years as part of the Healthy Kids Community Challenge. The Challenge encourages community organizations to work together on creating sustainable programs and policies that improve the eating habits and activity levels of children ages 0 – 12.

End Violence Against Women (EVA)-Renfrew County
EVA-Renfrew County is a committee that focuses on prevention, education, systemic change, networking and service provision related to all forms of violence against women.

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