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Please take the time to review any programs, services and/or events that you offer, in order to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19. Review our COVID-19 Information for Workplaces page for more information.

Ontario’s COVID-19 Signage Questions for Businesses and Organizations (Aug 27, 2021)

Ontario’s COVID-19 worker and employee screening tool.

Ontario’s COVID-19 customer screening tool, for businesses that must screen patrons before they are allowed to enter.

RCDHU COVID-19: Infection Prevention and Control Checklist for Reopening of Workplaces

RCDHU COVID-19 Workplace Safety Poster

Ontario Workplace PPE Supplier Directory:

Workplace Health

Workplaces have an important influence on the health of their employees and community. Renfrew County and District Health Unit can offer consultation and support with the following areas:

  • Healthy eating
  • Healthy weights
  • Physical activity
  • Comprehensive tobacco control
  • Alcohol and other substances
  • Work stress
  • Exposure to ultraviolet radiation
  • Falls across the lifespan
  • Road and off-road safety
  • Immunization
  • Breastfeeding while returning to work
  • Healthy pregnancy
  • Animal Health

Call 613-732-3629 extension 3 for more information.

Smoke-Free Policies

Staff from the Health Unit can assist with developing a smoke-free policy for your workplace.

Promoting Smoke-Free Policies: A Guide for Workplaces helps employers protect their employees and customers from second-hand smoke. The guide explains the “why” and “how” of creating, promoting and enforcing smoke‐free policies in the workplace.

Healthy Eating

A Registered Dietitian can consult with and support workplaces to create healthy nutrition environments. Examples are offering healthier food and beverage choices in the cafeteria, vending machines and at meetings and functions.

Health for All Workplaces Newsletter

Summer 2016 Free Materials Order Form

Personal services are businesses that offer tattooing, body and ear piercing, electrolysis, micro-pigmentation, acupuncture, manicures, pedicures, hairdressing and barbering, waxing, facials, and tanning.

Diseases can be spread in these settings so it is important to use proper infection control practices. Renfrew County and District Health Unit inspects these businesses at least once a year. Businesses that operate out of a private home are inspected too.

Public Health Inspectors use Infection Prevention and Control Best Practices for Personal Service Settings (PDF, 74 pages, 300 KB) to guide their inspections. This document sets out standards for cleaning, disinfection and other practices to prevent the spread of blood-borne diseases and other types of infections.

Public Health Inspectors are a valuable and knowledgeable resource that owners/operators and their staff can use to provide a safe environment for their clients.

For more information about infection control in personal service settings, call 613-732-3629 extension 5.

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