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Safe Food

Under the Food Safety Protocol of the Health Protection and Promotion Act, Renfrew County and District Health Unit is required to provide a Food Safety Program to prevent or reduce the number of food poisonings.

The Health Unit responds to food poisoning outbreaks, food recalls, food contamination and consumer complaints, and food-related issues arising from floods, fires, power outages and other emergency situations.

NEW – View our Inspection Disclosure website.

Public Health Inspectors enforce the Ontario Food Premises Regulation 493/17 under the Health Protection and Promotion Act in all places where food is prepared and/or offered for sale to the general public. Inspections ensure that food handled by restaurants and other food services is stored, prepared and served safely.

If you are planning to open a food premise (whether commercial or from your home), the Renfrew County and District Health Unit must be notified first. Call 613-732-3629 extension 505 or email to speak with a Public Health Inspector.

It is also recommended that you speak with the County of Renfrew’s Manager of Economic Development to get assistance with opening a business. Call 613-735-7288 extension 459.

Food premises requirements:

Application to open a food premises:


To view recent food inspections, visit the Inspection Disclosure webpage.

Inspection reports are also available through the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. Contact us for more information.


Various farmers’ markets operate throughout Renfrew County and District every year and must receive approval from a public health inspector prior to operating.

Learn more at: Farmers’ Markets

Ontario Food Premises Regulation 493/17 applies to church suppers, fairs, festivals, community functions and other special events that are open to the public.

Events that are hosted by religious or fraternal organizations or service clubs may be exempt from the law but are required to inform the Health Unit of their event. Organizers of all special events are required to send a completed food vendor application form at least 10 (ten) days before the event.

To complete the application online, visit Special Event Food Vendor Application Form.

A printable version is also available. Completed forms can be emailed ( or faxed (613-735-3067).

Call 613-732-3629 extension 505 with any questions about the food vendor application process.

The government of Ontario now requires there to be a certified food handler on site at all inspected food premises while open to the public.

The Health Unit provides free one-day Food Handler Training. Anyone can attend. Participants must pass an exam to qualify for Provincial Food Handler Certification.

RCDHU Poster – Two-Sink Dishwashing Method

RCDHU Poster – Three-Sink Dishwashing Method

Food poisoning occurs when a person gets sick from eating food that has been spoiled with harmful germs or chemicals. Food poisoning may cause stomach cramps, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and fever.

There are four core steps to reduce the chance of food poisoning when making food in your home.

  • Clean – wash your hands and surfaces often
  • Separate – don’t mix food with other foods
  • Cook – cook food to safe temperatures
  • Chill – get food into the fridge quickly


It’s important to understand how to prepare infant formula safely. For more information see the Infant Formula: What You Need to Know resource (English or French).

The Government of Canada suggests using a different source of drinking water, like bottled water, when preparing formula at the time of an algal bloom or when algal toxins are found in drinking water.


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