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After Birth Package

An online resource for families with a new baby

The transition to becoming a parent can be both exciting and a major life change. You are not alone. This web page provides information about a variety of topics, in addition to available services, that parents may find helpful when bringing home a new baby.

Creating a Safe Sleep Environment

The resource below is designed for parents of infants from zero to 12 months and for all who care for infants.The resource is divided into three sections:

  1. healthy sleep tips for Infants and for parents;
  2. safe sleep tips from infants zero to 12 months;
  3. and frequently asked questions.

Breastfeeding Support

To learn more about breastfeeding support:

Breastfeeding Matters

The resource below is an important guide to breastfeeding for women and their families.

Infant Formula

After making an informed decision about using infant formula, the booklet below will help parents, families, caregivers, and childcare providers prepare, feed and store formula safely.


Ontario’s Routine Immunization Schedule

Routine immunization begins at two months of age and continues throughout life according to Ontario’s routine immunization schedule.

Personal Immunization Record

At two months of age, when your child receives his/her first immunizations from their physician or at RCDHU, you will be given a yellow “Personal Immunization Record“. This is where you can keep track of your child`s immunizations. The “Personal Immunization Record” also includes a guide that indicates at what age or grade you child is due for their next immunization.

RCDHU’s Immunization Clinics

All of the routine vaccines are free and are available at RCDHU’s immunization clinics, or from your family physician.

Immunization Connect Ontario (ICON)

You can now update, view and/or print your child’s immunization record through the ICON portal. ICON is a secure tool for submitting updates and viewing your child’s immunization information on file at RCDHU.

For more information:

  • phone: 613-735-8666 Ext. 666 OR 1-800-267-1097 Ext. 666, or
  • visit: our “Immunization” web page.

Healthy Babies Healthy Children (HBHC) Program

Ontario’s Healthy Babies Healthy Children program provides home visits by public health nurses and home visitors to expectant mothers and new parents who need more support and can benefit from the program.

To learn more about the HBHC program at RCDHU:

  • visit: our “Prenatal Education” web page and click on “At Home”, or
  • phone: Family Health Intake Line 613-735-8651 Ext. 589 OR 1-800-267-1097 Ext. 589.


Prevent Child Injury

Children grow and learn so much during their early years of life. They are learning to do new things all the time by playing and exploring in their home. They also learn from you. As they learn, they may also be at risk for an injury. The site below is designed to guide you through the many ways to create a safer home for your child zero to 36 months of age.

Pet Safety

  • To learn about pet safety, visit: our “Child Health” web page and click on “Child Safety”.

Let’s Grow

Let’s Grow is a “one-stop”, free resource for parents. It provides evidence based information and support for families in raising happy and healthy children.

  • Please note that the Let’s Grow Newsletters are currently being updated and are not available at this time. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Parent Child Drop-Ins

Spend one-on-one time with a Public Health Nurse and get support as well as answers to your questions about feeding, sleeping, crying and other parenting inquiries. No appointment needed, open to families with children age zero to six.

For more information:

  • email:, or
  • phone: Family Health Intake Line at 613-735-8651 Ext. 589 OR 1-800-267-1097 Ext. 589.

Postpartum Mood Disorders

We often hear about postpartum (after birth) depression, but depression can actually begin in pregnancy. One in five women report feeling depressed and/or anxious during pregnancy. Pregnant women who are worried about their moods are encouraged to talk to their health care provider. To learn more about depression and anxiety during and after pregnancy, click on the link below.

Edinburgh Postpartum Depression Scale

The Edinburgh Postpartum Depression Scale is a short questionnaire that checks for postpartum depression. New mothers can easily complete and score it at home and then take it to their health care provider to talk about how she is feeling. It is important for a woman to tell their Health Care Provider all the symptoms she is experiencing so that all available support and treatment options are considered.

To learn more about Mental Health:

  • visit: our “Mental Health” web page and click on “Perinatal Mood Disorders”.

Tummy Time

Tummy time is essential for infants’ core, motor, and sensory development and achievement of milestones. The resource below includes tummy time activities (including pictures!) by age, tips for making tummy time fun for baby, like practicing tummy time at baby’s happiest time, and a checklist for developmental milestones baby should reach at three and six months.

Understanding Your Baby’s Crying

The resource below is to help you better understand, cope with and/or support someone with ‘difficult to comfort’ crying.

Woman Abuse

Woman abuse is a serious issue. One in three women will be abused at some point in their life. Review the bookmark below to learn more.



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