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Pandemic Influenza Plan

The Renfrew County and District Health Unit Pandemic Influenza Plan is intended to be aligned with existing provincial and federal guidelines, regulations and directions.

The overall goals of the Pandemic Influenza Plan are to minimize serious illness and death and to reduce societal disruptions resulting from an influenza pandemic. The plan is currently under review.

Executive Summary (PDF, 4 pages, 90 KB)

Chapter One: Planning Approach (PDF, 10 pages, 47 KB)

Chapter Two: Pandemic Influenza (PDF, 7 pages, 41 KB)

Chapter Three: Roles and Responsibilities (PDF, 11 pages, 250 KB)

Chapter Four: Surveillance (PDF, 8 pages, 385 KB)

Chapter Five: Vaccine and Antiviral Medications (PDF, 8 pages, 107 KB)

Chapter Six: Communications (PDF, 31 pages, 1.97 MB)

Chapter Seven: Health Services (PDF, 16 pages, 1.13 MB)

Chapter Eight: Public Health Measures (PDF, 31 pages, 200 KB)

Chapter Nine: Infection Control (PDF, 10 pages, 46 KB)

Chapter Ten: Pandemic Self Care (PDF, 12 pages, 58 KB)

Planning Guide for Community Agencies (PDF, 12 pages, 87 KB)

Planning Guide for Housing, Residential and Social Service Providers (PDF, 44 pages, 172 KB)

Planning Guide for Upper and Lower Tier Municipalities (PDF, 40 pages, 200 KB)

Web Sites

Ontario Health Plan for an Influenza Pandemic 2013

Canadian Pandemic Influenza Plan for the Health Sector

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