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Outbreak Status Report

The Outbreak Status Report table below is updated daily (excluding weekends and statutory holidays), providing health care providers and our community with a snapshot of possible viruses or other pathogens circulating in Renfrew County and District.

Attention Long-term Care Homes and Retirement Residences:

Please ensure you have a supply of nasopharyngeal swabs and enteric test kits with valid expiry dates, in the event of an outbreak in your facility. This can be ordered from RCDHU by contacting 613-732-3629 Ext. 505.

Current Outbreak Status

Last Updated: February 21, 2024

FacilityType of Outbreak (Respiratory of Enteric)Date the Outbreak was DeclaredPathogenDate the Outbreak was Declared Over
Supples Landing RespiratoryFebruary 9, 2024COVID-19
Marianhill – Unit 1CEntericFebruary 9, 2024NorovirusFebruary 20, 2024
Marianhill – Unit 1D and 1BEnteric February 9, 2024 Norovirus
Valley Manor Enteric February 10, 2024Norovirus
Marianhill – Unit 2C and 2DRespiratoryFebruary 12, 2024Influenza
The Grove Nursing Home – Pine Unit Enteric February 20, 2024Enteric
Quail Creek Respiratory February 21, 2024COVID-19

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